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Hello, my name is Moshe Briel.  I am a serious professional with a clean record and with ongoing aspirations for self- improvement.  I hold a B.Sc. degree from the University of Maryland and an M.B.A. from the prestigious University of Leicester Management Center in England.  I am multilingual, and highly experienced in the field of information systems management as well as computer software engineering. Please discover more about me by scrolling down using the ↓ arrow. 

I am a serious person, a hard worker with creative ideas, and with a prolific sense of humor.  My experience covers a wide range of versatile activities, and I have acquired an understanding of people and of diverse cultures and backgrounds.  All this makes me uniquely qualified for consideration in a wide range of capacities.
My health is very important to me, and so I have always been drug-free, I don't smoke anything, and I never drink alcohol (except for occasional religious blessings over wine).  As a result, I have become known as the reliably sober "designated driver" on whom everyone depends to drive them home after a happy hour. The only D.U.I. with which I am familiar is the Department of Unemployment Insurance.
Consequently I am all too aware about with long term unemployment, and the terrible waste of potential human resources. I came to realize this some years ago after having made a decision to rejoin the workforce.  I never realized how difficult this could be for someone aged 50+ whom no one seems to want to hire even with all the experience that person may have.  We deserve more than to be tossed aside like old worn-out rags, at a time when we have so many more years to contribute to society and the economy.  Our work here is NOT done.  It has been said that a mind is a terrible thing to waste.  
There are many advantages to hiring an educated 50+ with strong work ethic and life experience, provided that person is ready to apply these lessons when taking on new challenges.  An experienced and energetic individual at that age has an understanding of how situations can develop, and can draw on years of experience and lessons learned in order to avoid pitfalls and exercise sound judgment when making critical decisions.  That is why I feel I can contribute at this stage most profoundly to the workforce in a number of capacities.   
So, please check me out by first clicking on the link "About Moshe Briel" at the top left.  The page has a "Career Showcase" which documents and authenticates my success, including my oral communication skills have been proven as recipient of "Speaker of Merit" award from IBM conferences, and my writing skills can be confirmed right here on this website.
Go ahead!  Invest some time and investigate me.  You never know - it may be worth the time.  GOOGLE ME!  The name "Moshe Briel" is unique.  As far as I know there is no one out there with that name. I am open to any thorough investigations you deem appropriate as I have nothing to hide.  My record is clean, unblemished, and documented, and my numerous accomplishments are an integral part of that record.
For details of the job-finder's fee of $2,000 - which is still in effect - please scroll up and click on the link "Job" to the left (this is the lowest link).  Since I am in excellent health and at the prime of my life, feel I could contribute to the economy for many years and in many different capacities.  
Thank you for your interest.  I also look forward to hearing your opinions about "BEAMS"! Please click on a chapter, and enjoy!